Built in Marble Sink
Built in Marble Sink

Built in Marble Sink

  • Product Name: Built in Marble Sink
  • Material: Fossil Black
  • Size: 42x42x13cm
  • Finish: Polished
  • Drain: Center Hole

Crafted from stunning smooth fossil black, a smooth polished finish envelops the hand-carved bowl. The impeccable piece defines elegant, luminous, luxury. This elegant fossil black marble sink make a pretty big statement. It features a smooth finish that provide the perfect finish touch for your bathroom, and the polished surface make cleaning really easy.

The in marble structure will help prevent pesky cracking. Overflow drain not included, and drainage size is 45mm. 


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Welcome to Xiamen Eastwood Industry Co.Ltd, one of the most famous and professional experts in the manufacture of natural stone marble sinks and utensils for any bathroom in the hotel and home. Our natural marble wash basin sinks are polished as well as natural split and chisel to match any different style of architectural decoration....