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Basalt Sink

Basalt is a naturally occurring igneous rock formed by the rapid cooling of magma ejected from a volcano. The material used to make sinks is called pillar stone and is formed when cooled volcanic rock is shaped into natural pillars. Stone sinks are cut from these posts, leaving a natural rim around the sink, and the black basalt interior is carved and polished. Extraordinary design for true nature lovers, every natural basalt sink is unique.

Simple style combined with a rustic look and finish. Our sinks fit and compliment all styles of design, transforming your bathroom into a Spa-like retreat. We focus on every detail of limestone sinks to offer an opportunity showing your bathroom and kitchen more luxury, demonstrating the noble temperament of all our clients. Even the small size of bathroom shouldn’t stop from you creating a beautifully crafted space since we carry also small bathroom vanity sinks with tops and marble sinks with cabinet to match any requirement for the buildings decoration.

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Welcome to Xiamen Eastwood Industry Co.Ltd, one of the most famous and professional experts in the manufacture of natural stone marble sinks and utensils for any bathroom in the hotel and home. Our natural marble wash basin sinks are polished as well as natural split and chisel to match any different style of architectural decoration....